Artist Statement


Inspiration for my work comes from nature. I can begin with a sketch or a photo, but the final product may bear little resemblance to my starting point. The paintings vary in their levels of representation and abstraction. I like it when the viewer arrives at a unique interpretation of a work.

For me, the landscape offers a chance for freedom, inspiration, and creative departure. My initial image—some familiar park passed on a daily walk, a fleeting piece of the countryside seen from the road, or a scene from an unfamiliar place visited during my travels— conjures up thoughts and evokes a certain mood. I put myself in that place, feeling comfortable pushing the image with color, perspective, and complexity. I am not restricted by a descriptive imperative, and give myself up totally to the painting process. 

As part of that process, I often mix cold wax or other thickening mediums to give the paint extra body. Then I rely on continual editing…creating and destroying the image. Scraping back the painting is at times a step in its evolution. Building up layers of paint gives the work depth and keeps me engaged. The result is a surface which has history, texture and evidence of the struggle. Rather than seeking beauty through perfection and refinement, I want to mirror nature’s processes of creation and destruction to find artistic satisfaction, and a sense of beauty that is consistent with my view of existence. Through this liberation, I am reassured of my personal connection to the world around me.